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Silk Rolls

Our Story

The idea came to fruition when founder Zaid Mustafa met with a Greek gentleman, Dr. Stavros, in Dubai. Dr. Stavros was wearing the Ascot in place of a tie and Zaid loved the elegant look coupled with the comfortable silky feel that the ascot offered. Fast forward and Stavros is not only accessorizing the necks of their suitors, but also turning heads of onlookers.


More recently, Stavros has also forayed into other silky realms, including women's fashion and luscious bedding. 


The common thread is, and always will be, silk.

Our Silk

Supple. Soft. Sensual 

Habotai Soft Silk | Anti-Wrinkling | Anti-Ageing | Anti-Frizz


Our luxurious, soft, and breathable silk is a must-try to upgrade your wardrobe and your home.


The fabric is seamless, soft, and buttery to the touch. It does not absorb your serums and creams and is also anti-wrinkling, supporting your skin with a smooth and breathable surface. Importantly, our silk is naturally cooling to the touch.

And oh so luxurious.

Explore Our Brand

Our luxurious, soft, and breathable Stavros silk is a must-try to upgrade your wardrobe and your home.

The common thread is silk.


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