For the distinguished individual

Stavros are high quality, 100% silk accessories that can be worn comfortably around the neck.


Stavros Ascots add a new level of refinement for the gentleman who pays attention to detail, who is not afraid to express his individuality and who is forward-looking yet anchored in history.

Stavros Scarves are for the woman who has it all and yet wants more. The woman who is not afraid to make a statement and polarizes the world around her. The woman who embraces life’s vivid color palette and draws without any erasers.


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Our Story

The idea came to fruition when founder Zaid Mustafa met with a Greek gentleman, Dr. Stavros, in Dubai. Dr. Stavros was wearing the Ascot in place of a tie and Zaid loved the elegant look coupled with the comfortable silky feel that the ascot offered.


Fast forward and Stavros is not only accessorizing the necks of their suitors, but also turning heads of onlookers. Stavros has also recently forayed into the realm of women's fashion, with a new line of luscious silk scarves.



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